Trujillo & Chiclayo

Travel Package

5 days



Trujillo │ Mochica │ Chan Chan │ Chiclayo │ Tucume │ Sipan


Day 1: Arrival Trujillo

At the airport, your driver picks you up and brings you to your hotel. After a short break, you will take a guided city tour, where you can see the colonial beauty of the third biggest city in Peru. You will also get to see the “Palacio Iturregui” and stop at the archaeological museum that owns a breath-taking selection of pottery and goldsmith’s art from the Pre-Columbian culture.

Day 2: Trujillo – Mochica – Chan Chan

After breakfast, you start a day-trip and are brought back in time into the pre-colonial era. Your first stop is the Pyramids of Mochica, the “Huaca del Sol“ (sun pyramid) and the “Huaca de la Luna“ (Moon pyramid). From here you proceed to the largest adobe city in the world. After visiting the ceremonial ground, altars, and cemeteries of Chan Chan, you continue your trip to Huanchaco, where you marvel at the traditional fisher boats in a primal bay.

Day 3: Trujillo – El Brujo – Chiclayo

After breakfast, you ride through the Chicama Valley where you get to see widespread sugarcane plots. Today’s destination is the sacred ground “El Brujo“ (the wizard), a ceremonial ruin complex from the Mochican era. Afterward, you visit the Cao Museum, where the mummy of a female shaman or priest is on display. In the evening you drive to Chiclayo.

Day 4: Chiclayo – Túcume – Sipán

Today you explore the surroundings of Chiclayo. First, you drive to the valley of the “Pyramids of Túcume“. Afterward, you visit the “Tumbas Reales“ Museum, where you are told more about the different phases of excavation and the legendary grave findings of the Sipán ruins. Later you continue to the Sipán ruins, the two enormous pyramids with graves of the Mochican era. After an adventurous day, we will return to Chiclayo.

Day 5: Departure Chiclayo

After breakfast, you take a tour through Chiclayo. The highlight of the city tour is an introduction to the “Mercado de Hierbas“ (herb market), also known as “Mercado de Brujos“ (witch market) due to the fact that traditional folk medicine is still sold there. In the evening you will be brought to the airport.