Diverse Northeast

Car Rental Trip

11 days


Buenos Aires | Estancia in Entre Rios | Esteros de Ibera | Posadas | San Ignacio Miní | Saltos de Moconá | Iguazú Falls


Day 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires

Welcome to Buenos Aires! You will be picked up at the airport and taken to your hotel. Afterwards you will get to know Buenos Aires on foot and by public transportation. Your local guide will also take you to some special places not found in any guidebook.

Day 2: Dive into the rural areas of Argentina

After breakfast you will receive your rental car and leave Buenos Aires to head north. While the houses are getting smaller and the surroundings more and more rural, you will slowly leave the big city behind you and reach the province of Entre Rios after about two hours. Located between the huge rivers Paraná and Uruguay, the area enjoys optimal climatic conditions and is inhabited by a diverse flora and fauna. After the long day of driving, you can look forward to a delicious dinner in the comfortable Estancia La Violeta.

Day 3: Gaucho feeling in the countryside

Enjoy the Argentinean country life at the Estancia La Violeta to its fullest. Enjoy watching the gauchos working with the cows and horses and explore the surroundings of the estancia on horseback and on foot. You can relax by the pool and gather energy for the eventful days ahead.

Day 4: Drive to the Esteros de Ibera

Today you will continue north to the Ibera National Park. With its 13.000 km² the Esteros de Ibera is the second largest wetland on earth and amazes with its enormous biodiversity. You will stay overnight at the Estancia Rincon del Socorro, which is located in the reserve. Familiarize yourself with your new surroundings. Not seldomly you will be welcomed by a capybara, nandu or fox.

Day 5: Exploration of the swamp area

Together with the guides of the estancia you will go on a closer look at the wetlands of Ibera. The area is one of the most important freshwater reservoirs of the American continent and can be explored by boat. Drift silently over the waters in kayaks and approach caimans and other swimming animals unnoticed. During a safari by jeep you can admire the dimensions of the area and will be surprised by some curious animals.

Day 6: San Ignacio Mini near Posadas

Along the edge of the swamp area, continue northeast to Posadas, where you will stay overnight. From here it is worth visiting the former Jesuit mission San Ignacio Mini. The mission was built in 1696 with the purpose to evangelize the native Guaraní. Today the ruins are part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Day 7: On the tracks of the mate tea

From Posadas on the Paraguayan border, you will cross the province of Misiones to the border with Brazil. On the way you will pass numerous yerba-mate-tea plantations. It is worth buying a mate cup with bombilla (special “straw” to drink mate tea) and thermos flask to enjoy the Argentinean national drink. At your lodge near the Moconá Falls you will be warmly welcomed and can look forward to a variety of activities.

Day 8: Exploration of the rainforest around the Moconá Logde

Your accommodation has a fantastic location in the middle of the rainforest. Let the unknown noises wake you up and strengthen yourself with breakfast for the day. During short hikes you can explore the deep green jungle and enjoy the special ambience during activities such as ziplining, kayaking and archery. Optionally you can take a trip to the waterfalls of Moconá.

Day 9: Spectacular views of the Iguazu Falls

Today the journey continues through the province of Missiones towards the north. Leave early to arrive in Puerto Iguazú on time for an afternoon excursion to the Brazilian side of the Iguazú Falls. From the viewing platforms you will have great panoramic views of the massive waterfalls.

Day 10: Visit the Argentinean side of the waterfalls

We recommend exploring the Argentinean side of the waterfalls today. In the national park there are several hiking trails, which wind their way through the tropical forest and take you to the uppermost edges of the waterfalls. From the numerous viewing platforms you can enjoy unique panoramic views. Optionally, you can take a boat trip afterwards to admire the spectacle from a different angle.

Day 11: Rental car drop off in Iguazú

In due course you will drive to the airport of Puerto Iguazú, where you will drop off your rental car and start your journey home or continue the trip.